How to boost your manufacturing business using AI/ML

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  • Jun 23 2021
    2:00 - 3:00 pm EST
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As manufacturing organizations push to Industry 4.0, they must be able to accurately forecast demand and manage delivery logistics. But pulling data on inventory, machine parts, service history, etc. from disparate sources makes it difficult for data analysts and business analysts to streamline reporting and discover operational insights.

Implementing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools can help accelerate your digital transformation, allowing you to automate processes, democratize data, and identify actionable insights from predictive analytics. However, most AI initiatives are hampered by a shortage of skills and difficulty in operationalizing ML.

BigQuery is one of the many tools that help your organization streamline the critical reporting function and accelerate your growth. Join Google and SpringML as we uncover how to harness the power of Google Cloud and BigQuery to make AI/ML accessible to everyone in your organization!

Topics discussed include:

  • An interactive ML session to help you understand the application of AI/ML to the Manufacturing Industry
  • Why you don’t need to be a data scientist to start leveraging AI/ML
  • How to analyze events at scale to predict fleet performance and take preventative maintenance action, using just SQL
  • How to analyze machine performance, fleet management/ logistics, and inspect the various parts to predict failures

Google Cloud Platform provides tools, building blocks, and services to empower the manufacturing industry in vision, data and analytics, IoT and edge computing.



Chiz Okafor

Chiz Okafor

Alliance Manager – Google Cloud,


Masaf Dawood

Director, Google Cloud Services,

Amit Rai

Amit Rai

Customer Engineer – Data Analytics, AI/ML,

Manuel Amunategui

Manuel Amunategui

VP, Data Science

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