Salesforce Einstein for Medical Device Companies

  • Calendar
  • Jul 23 2019
    2:00 - 3:00 pm EST
  • Location
  • Online Webinar


In this webinar,  you’ll hear how our customer Nevro Corp is leveraging Einstein to drive their business forward.


During the interactive event, Nevro’s Komal Rajdev, Manager, Sales Operations will share how they are tackling the following:

  • How sales organization tackle white space with a Propensity to Buy model

  • Increase forecast accuracy, by applying advanced analytics

  • Change management and adoption to enable non-technical teams to embrace predictive intelligence

  • Org structures for effective analytics operations team to fully embrace the benefits of Salesforce

We will walk through with real demos on how to leverage Salesforce Einstein and embed AI into users workflow to make informed decisions and answer your Salesforce Einstein Platform questions.


Matt Wittlief, VP Delivery

Matt Wittlief
VP Delivery, SpringML

Komal Rajdev

Komal Rajdev
Manager, Sales Operations, Nevro