Supercharge Geospatial Analytics with ArcGIS & Google BigQuery

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  • Aug 03 2022
    2:00 am EST
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Supercharge Geospatial Analytics with ArcGIS & Google BigQuery

Experts Eric Clark, VP, Public Sector at SpringML, Darrell Lee, DOI Account Executive at Google Cloud and Darrian Graham, Principal Architect at Google Cloud discussed performance issues in GIS applications and how to analyze and visualize geodata due to the growth of the data. Watch the video to learn more about how Google Cloud’s BigQuery serverless data warehouse can be leveraged with ArcGIS to run Geospatial Analytics.

Also, learn how Google BigQuery benefits ArcGIS users:

  • ArcGIS Integration with BigQuery
  • BigQuery and Geospatial Data Processing
  • Machine learning with BigQuery and ArcGIS data
  • Seamlessly scale to explore, analyze, and visualize large geodata data sets
  • Leverage a cost-effective big data processing engine for your geodata to increase the map interaction on ArcGIS
  • Enable your users with real-time insights on streaming data
  • Use case: Wildlife Tracking Application using BigQuery and ArcGIS

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Eric Clark

Eric Clark

VP, Public Sector, SpringML


Darrell Lee

DOI Account Executive, Google Cloud

Darrian Graham

Damian Graham

Principal Architect, Google Cloud


converting teradata

Converting Teradata BTEQ/SQL queries to BigQuery SQL dialect through Batch Translation Service

Manually migrating and converting existing SQL queries to BigQuery SQL dialects takes up a lot of effort. In our recent video, Onkar Kumar, Data Engineer at SpringML, demonstrates how the translation of the on-prem Teradata SQL scripts to BigQuery-compliant SQLs can be effortlessly and efficiently done using the Google Cloud BigQuery Batch SQL Translator service. He also walks us through the translation of the unsupported SQL statements using jinja templates by a manual intervention of adding the script and running the query.

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