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Applied ML Summit

June 9, 2022

Join SpringML at the Google Cloud Applied ML Summit to hear from the world’s top professional machine learning engineers and data scientists on the latest cutting-edge AI tools for developing, deploying, and managing ML models at scale. We are proud to be a signature sponsor for the event. Discover how you and your organization can grow your skills at the pace of innovation to deliver meaningful, transformational business insights.

Google Cloud Applied ML Summit

Our Session

Andrew Larimer Machine Learning SpringML
Andrew Larimer

Machine Learning Practice Manager, SpringML

Cinematography for Robots: Building Quality Image Datasets for ML Training

Good ML models rely on good data. Machine Learning Practice Manager, Andrew Larimer will guide you through building a high-quality dataset for training vision models. We’ll consider:

  • Camera and compute platform selection
  • The balance between recording formats and network considerations
  • How datasets can be built iteratively over time to lower the labeling burden
  • Guidelines for using early versions of a model to assist in labeling additional data, and more!

Vision models are a powerful tool for using the unstructured visual data of the real-world to make automated decisions, and we’ll help guide you towards training them efficiently and effectively.

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