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Enabling Telehealth with Cloud

Embrace technology to broaden access to services, create efficiencies, and scale data-driven workflows to ultimately improve patient outcomes for a wider population.

Recent events have shown a spotlight on the need for telecritical care and telehealth in order to scale rapid response and handle patient care with efficiency and effectiveness. Even under normal circumstances, you can use technology to deliver critical care patient outcomes and enable broader access to scarce resources.

Harness the New Operating System for Healthcare Data

SpringML specializes in supporting healthcare providers who want to break free from legacy tools and platforms and move patient and health related data and workflows to the cloud. Our teams empower the digital transformation that can help you harness the power of siloed data and collaboration across teams and previously closed barriers to insight.


Engage Patients Anywhere with Telehealth & Telemonitoring

By integrating wearables, 3rd party devices, and even IoT data into the clinical workflow, care teams can have immediate insights into patient status even outside the hospital or office. We work across the full range of wearables from smart shoe sensors, AR glasses, to smartphones.

The Easy Way to Handle Patient Medicaid and Medicare Data

By shifting Medicaid/Medicare Data Warehouses into a cloud environment the ease of analyzing large complex and disparate data is meaningfully easier. By pulling data into a Cloud Data Warehouse other data sets can easily be joined with the Medicaid/Medicare data for example COVID related inputs etc. to help make policy changes, improve outcomes, and optimize the business of healthcare.


Secure Medical Image Data in the Cloud

The more your healthcare practice relies on Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) for patient care, the more care teams need to securely share that data across the firewall. SpringML helps ease the storage and security burden of medical image sharing with Google Cloud Healthcare API, a powerful, scalable, and cost-effective solution.

Vaccine Distribution and Allocation

To streamline the multifaceted and multilayered complexity in the upcoming vaccine distribution phase, SpringML has created an end-to-end Vaccine Management Platform to overcome the challenge and scale of COVID-19 vaccine administration (Operation Warp Speed).


Google Cloud Healthcare API: the new “Operating System for Healthcare”

Ditch the faxes and hard copies. Google Cloud Healthcare API is fully HIPAA compliant, supporting key standards including HL7®, FHIR® and DICOM®, so you can get healthcare systems talking to each other—safely and in compliance—and sharing data in ways never before possible.

Using Cloud Healthcare API, SpringML has developed a number of ready-to-go solutions that accelerate your transformation towards telehealth and modernized, data-driven workflows. Or, we co-create with you to develop exactly what your organization needs to make telehealth a reality.

Document Processing for Radiology

One of New-York state’s largest healthcare provider receives e-faxes with information regarding their patients and diagnosis that require manual processing that is both time-consuming and error-prone. SpringML created an Intelligent document processing solution using Google Cloud Document AI to automate processing of faxes to the radiology department.

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COVID-19 Reporting to Health Departments

SpringML quickly developed (in the matter of days on some projects) compliant and integrated solutions for specific State Health Department COVID reporting requirements. In this recorded demo, learn how we can build applications, workflow automation, virtual agents, and bots to support the HHS reporting requirements for COVID-19.

COVID-19 Intake App

The City of Las Vegas commissioned Google Cloud and SpringML to build a COVID-19 intake application designed to manage the collection of client information and placement of homeless patients at pop-up virus treatment centers in Las Vegas parking lots.

Patient 360 Solutions: Enabling Telehealth

Start building your unique Patient 360 architecture, data lake, and workflows to best support Telehealth, integrating AI/ML and wearables into the patient experience, and end-to-end analytics from the business of healthcare to the point of care. Learn how SpringML can provide:

  • Healthcare Analytics and Insights
  • Healthcare Services Visualizations & Operational Dashboards
  • Patient Services and Support
  • And much more..

Automate Manuel Processes with Document AI

Whether it is faxes, paper records, or email attachments, entering patient data from incoming documents into Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems can be manual and error prone. Automated document processing integrates into the clinical workflow by automatically extracting patient and procedure data from incoming documents. Download this solutions overview to find out more about document processing for healthcare providers.


Manage inventory stockouts in Healthcare

Manage the risks of patient surges with predictive analytics, AI and machine learning to:

  • Avoid equipment and supply stockouts
  • Prepare for patient surges
  • Increase visibility of the supply chain

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