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Solution Accelerator to Migrate Java Applications to Google Cloud

SpringML’s Path to Cloud Framework

Step 1
3 weeks

SpringML Assessment with vFunction’s Tool

  • Automated static and dynamic assessment
  • Tool looks at application binary to do the assessment – no code access necessary
  • 3 Weeks effort to deliver application landscape assessment, modernization plan, risks, and mitigation plan

Step 2
6 weeks

Refactor to Microservices

  • Partially automated refactor code with design support
  • Implement microservices
  • Validation and testing
  • CICD and automation Security
  • Monitoring deployment automation

Java Application Refactoring using vFunction

Organizations today can easily identify and extract services from a pre-existing application and modernize it with the help of vFunction.  In this video…


3 Step Process to migrate Spring Boot applications to Google Cloud


Spring Boot App Modernization using Google Cloud

Guidewire Installation and Database Migration in GCP Compute Engine

Migrating Guidewire Insurance Suite to Google Cloud

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