Democratizing Data-Driven Insights in the Cloud

Getting the most out of Google Cloud & BigQuery with Looker

With extensive experience in Google Cloud tools and BigQuery and dozens of projects delivered with Looker integrations and dashboards, we are trusted advisors to Looker customers adopting innovation well beyond traditional visualizations and dashboards.

We help large enterprises, public sector and education organizations not only quickly migrate data, workloads, and workflows to the Cloud but democratize insights and adopt Machine Learning directly into Looker dashboards.

SpringML Achieves Advanced Partner Status in Looker Partner Program

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“The completion of the first MVP has helped us establish governance and data stewardship, build the enterprise data platform foundation, and provided our leadership the art of the possible for analytics.”

Hayelom Tadesse Director,
Enterprise Data Product Management at Iron Mountain

Google Cloud and SpringML help Iron Mountain to drive a complex data democratization initiative across the enterprise, 50 countries and hundreds of departments in just six weeks.

  • Consolidated 1,200 data management applications into one data lake
  • Unified information governance practices across departments
  • Enabled millions in savings and facilitated revenue growth


  • Patient 360
  • Wearables and Telehealth
  • Medicaid and Medicare
Public Sector
  • COVID-19 Reporting
  • Fraud Detection
  • Health and Human Services Reporting
  • Safe Traveler Applications
Retail Store Analytics
Retail Store Analytics
  • Sales and Demand Forecasting
  • Marketing Analytics


We specialize in data intensive industries: healthcare, public sector, manufacturing and mining, media and entertainment, and retail. With our Looker Accelerators customers from any industry can rapidly adopt new use cases. Check out our recent demos leveraging Looker technology:

Solution Overview

SpringML works with Looker as the visualization tool of choice to build AI-powered analytics that can scale to address enterprise Business Intelligence requirements. The goal is to build the environment and foundational architecture that efficiently meets short-term requirements but can also grow with a longer-term innovation strategy.

“Organizations across all departments are becoming increasingly more reliant on fresh real-time data to drive their business and everyday decisions. We’re thrilled to work with SpringML as it furthers our mission to help companies accelerate insights to action by infusing data experiences into workflows.”

Geneva Lake
Looker Head of Consulting Alliances at Google Cloud

SpringML + Looker

  • Experts in building modern data platforms
  • Go-to partner of choice for Google Cloud data warehouse development using BigQuery
  • Offers a proven methodology to democratize data and referenceable customers
  • Combines the right mix of AI-powered guided actions and traditional BI reporting to help users make informed decisions
  • Experts in LookerML development and advanced features of Powered By Looker
    Offers a platform for the modern enterprise

  • Provides a unified, trusted and complete view of all business data
  • 100% in-database—centralized business metrics
  • Delivers fresh data quickly accessible to all business users
  • Comprehensive view of data sources
  • Provides new architecture with flexibility and scale to tackle the modern data ecosystem
  • Provides extensibility and connectivity to thousands of web services and apps
  • Offers actionable insights delivered when and where needed
  • Allows business users to ask complex questions with simple sharing across the organization with a URL

SpringML and Iron Mountain on Google Cloud Podcast

SpringML Co-Founder Prabhu Palanisamy and Iron Mountain’s Jarrett Garcia talk with the Google Cloud Podcast team about the process of migrating huge amounts of data to a cloud data lake. SpringML established systems that could be repeated to help Iron Mountain move, destroy, and migrate data and more. They discussed Google products like DataFlow, BigQuery, and Cloud Composer.


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