Our Expertise

AI Roadmap

AI Roadmap

Build an AI adoption roadmap that starts with business objectives

Model Development

Model Development

Our data scientists move AI/ML models into production quickly

ML Operationalization

Operationalize ML

Manage your AI/ML models with SpringML Managed Services

Our Capabilities

Google Cloud APIs

Google Cloud APIs

Deep expertise across Google Cloud APIs: Vision API, Video Intelligence API, NLP API, Translation APIs, and Recommendation API



Extensive experience in AutoML Vision, AutoML Language and AutoML Tables to deploy quickly

Custom Model Development

Custom Model Development

We are experts in Tensorflow and various open source AI/ML frameworks

Our Solution Accelerators


Preventive Maintenance

Our Predictive Maintenance solution anticipates potential failures and reduces costs associated with unscheduled downtime. Identify patterns and predict when equipment or assets need maintenance.

Automated Visual Inspection

Automated Visual Inspection

Support quality control and maintenance use cases with high-quality defect detection models.


Intelligent Document Processing

Accurately identify documents, extract fields and derive actionable insights from unstructured data: forms, written records, emails, faxes, image scans, recordings, etc.

Improving Citizen Experience Using AI


“Memphis is focused on easy living, and we want to do everything we can to keep our citizens happy. Working with Google and SpringML to reduce potholes and urban blight using machine learning and artificial intelligence was an easy decision.”

Mike Rodriguez
CIO, City of Memphis

Representative Customers


Use Cases


Forecast demand even on cold start data to manage your supply chain

Customer Segmentation

Real-time models integrating multi-channel marketing datasets

Content Classification

Classify and auto-tag image and video assets

Predict Stockouts

Analyze inventory and predict stock-outs

Thought Leadership

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