Omnichannel Customer Engagement

A seamless transition and connection across all your channels to deliver a consistent, personalized, and exceptional customer experience


Personalized customer journey

The best possible experience, regardless of how your customer chooses to engage

Personalized Customer Journey-1
Virtual agent - Personalized Customer Journey

Customers interact with the CCAI virtual agent via Chat, Phone, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, & etc.

Personalized Customer Journey-2
Chatbot - Personalized Customer Journey

Customer information is collected by the AI virtual agent and guided to the inquiry resolution

Personalized Customer Journey-3
Personalized Customer Journey-Support

The customer is asked if the issue is resolved or needs further assistance from a Live Agent

Personalized Customer Journey-4
Seamless-Transition-Personalized Customer Journey

As the channels are integrated, the individual customer information from the AI virtual agent conversation is recorded for seamless transition to a Live Agent

Personalized Customer Journey-5
Twilio-Flex-Personalized Customer Journey

A Live Agent leverages Twilio Flex to pick up the conversation with the customer to resolve the issue

Personalized Customer Journey-6
CRM-Personalized Customer Journey

Once the customer issue is resolved, the Live Agent is able to take note of the interaction with the customer on the customer’s record through any Salesforce CRM

Personalized Customer Journey-7
Timely-Resolution-Personalized Customer Journey

The seamless customer experience and timely resolution ensures long-term customer retention

Breaking language barriers with Google Cloud Contact Center AI

  • Omnichannel system is able to support over 400,000 queries a year
  • Equitable services with multilingual translations using AutoML Translation
  • True 24 x 7 support provided to residents across app and calls
  • Increased accessibility across multiple channels such as phone calls, web queries, and 311 app
  • Effectively managed call volumes with AI-based lifelike conversational agent Dialogflow, to respond basic questions and route concern to correct departments

SpringML was an incredibly valuable partner throughout the entire deal cycle. It was their relationship with Svensk and partnership and advocacy for Twilio that helped make this opportunity and customer relationship possible. They were the best example of how a partner should show up and owned the entirety of the build. They went above and beyond to ensure our customer is set up for success.

Tiffany Schmitz, Account Strategist, Twilio

Tiffany Schmitz

Account Strategist, Twilio

Unlock the benefits

An approach that enables you to maximize the benefits

Speed-Unlock Benefits



Omnichannel platform may be quickly deployed with solution accelerator

Escalate-Unlock Benefits



Enable Live Agents to solve complicated and escalated requests

Convenience-Unlock Benefits



Engage with customers through their preferred communication avenue

Resolve-Unlock Benefits



Provide a seamless transition to resolve the customer’s inquiry

Volume-Unlock Benefits



Allow virtual agents to filter and complete simple requests, while leaving

Report-Unlock Benefits



Assign responsibilities to agents and group agents to notify of incoming requests

Our Capabilities

Foster remarkable customer experience through AI adoption and digital transformation

Customer Support Modernization

Customer Support Modernization

  • Service Desk and CRM Integrations
  • Contact Center Modernization
  • CCAI, Flex, and Custom App Development
  • IVR Integrations
  • Twilio Frontline
  • Implementations
Intelligent Customer Data Platform and Marketing Analytics

Intelligent Customer Data Platform and Marketing Analytics

  • AI-Based Recommendations
  • Customer Insights and Analytics Dashboard
  • Campaign Effectiveness
  • Segment Implementation
Programmable Voice, Video, and Chat Expertise

Programmable Voice, Video, and Chat Expertise

  • Conversations API, Twilio Studio, and Twilio Autopilot
  • Custom Routing or Task Router Implementations
  • Virtual Assistant: Chatbot, Voicebot, Sentiment Analysis

Project Implementation Timeline


2 Weeks

Integrating with Multiple Platforms

1 Week






Implementing Twilio Flex
Implementing Twilio Flex

2 Weeks

Seamless customer engagement
Seamless Customer Engagement

1 Week

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