Intelligent Vaccine Impact Platform

Vaccine distribution and allocation via the State’s Department of Health is a critical step toward containing the COVID-19 virus, but one that is fraught with scale and operational challenges. SpringML’s on-demand webinar will help you to understand how a data-driven approach can help manage a successful and efficient vaccine distribution and allocation in our quest to get back to a sense of normalcy. You’ll also learn about the end-to-end vaccine management platform we’ve created to streamline the entire process, from provider enrollment through post-vaccine tracking and analytics.

We’ll cover these critical topics:

1. How to use data to assess hotspots, perform equitable distribution of vaccine, and manage vaccine burndown and wastage
2. Ways to use Machine Learning based forecasting to plan for the availability of essential assets
3. Dashboards that depict the impact of vaccination on COVID-19 cases and hospitalization rates
4. How data can help you proactively uncover supply chain management issues and discover actionable insights to resolve them
5. How to implement scheduling systems and processes to assist with matching vaccine doses with eligible groups of people

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