Fireside Chat with Kirsten Kliphouse, President, North America, Google Cloud


In this fireside chat, SpringML CEO Charles Landry interviews Kirsten Kliphouse, President, North America, Google Cloud.

Kirsten discusses the importance of leading and coaching the Google Cloud and partner sales teams during these difficult times by focusing on the importance of serving (not selling) customers, being empathetic to where customers are in their Cloud journey and providing them industry solutions to help them mitigate negative effects of Covid-19 on their business.

Kirsten also describes how partners can support Google Cloud through its people and products to extend the reach of Google Cloud and the value it can provide to customers such as when SpringML developed the Safe Travelers App for the State of Hawaii.

Lastly, Kirsten explains how Google Cloud is differentiating itself from other Cloud providers by providing customers a multi-cloud option (with Anthos) and embedding AI and Data Analytics solutions into their own product with features such as BigQuery Omni.