Predictive Sales Forecasting


  • Sales forecasting is a common task performed by sales organizations providing accurate forecasts allowing organizations to make informed business decisions
  • Companies derive forecasts based on historical sales, current market conditions, and gut instinct – however gut instinct can introduce human bias leading to inaccurate forecasts


  • A data driven predictive forecasting model consumes both historical data to gauge trends and seasonality as well as current pipeline of opportunities to forecast sales for the next 12 months.
  • This model runs automatically and presents a monthly forecast while constantly learning on new data that becomes available.


  • Accurate long term forecasts allow organizations to plan marketing, recruiting and other strategic efforts
  • This solution brings together actuals, predictive and judgement forecasts into a single screen so management can compare and analyze differences
  • Allows users to also perform “What-If” analysis to determine impact of various actions