SpringML’s Managed OHIF DICOM Viewer

[10/12/2020] Pleasanton, CA. SpringML, a leader in consulting and implementation services across multiple industries and a specialized provider of data-driven digital transformation outcomes, today announced the release of its One-Click DICOM Viewer as a free service on the Google Cloud Marketplace, enabling users and developers to quickly deploy the OHIF Viewer on the Google Cloud Platform. The One-Click DICOM Viewer provides a fully-managed OHIF instance on Google Cloud, giving hospital and healthcare teams cost-effective access to a cloud-based, scalable and configurable medical imaging tool that can read, edit and manage DICOM images in a HIPAA-compliant cloud environment.

Telehealth is driving the need for accessing health data anytime, anywhere,” said Prabhu Palanisamy at SpringML.“By enabling medical teams to view, manage and model DICOM images at scale through a web browser, we’re helping reduce the time to treatment and critical care for patients worldwide.

The Challenges of Accessing, Storing and Managing DICOM Images

DICOM images are X-rays and other complex, high-resolution image files that provide critical information to radiologists and other healthcare diagnostic teams. However, these files are quite large (a CT scan can be 35MB or more) which requires a significant amount of storage. The files are not directly accessible with standard Windows, Mac OS or Linux-based systems. They are stored in a proprietary server, typically on-premise, and a DICOM workstation is used for access.  This type of scenario has prohibited healthcare teams from easily accessing and sharing files for examination and interpretation. As well, the cost of DICOM equipment and its rigid storage capacity has restricted expansion when needed while preventing smaller teams from being able to afford the system cost.

With SpringML’s One-Click DICOM Viewer, healthcare teams can take advantage of the benefits of scalability and accessibility available through the Google Cloud Platform. In addition, the tool provides the ability to easily remove PHI and demographic information from images for modeling and diagnostic comparisons. Teams have access to all other Google Cloud tools, including adding external data to the files, batch processing and safe storage. In a cloud environment, images can be viewed anywhere, while stored in one place with one set of permissions to access them.

SpringML’s One-Click DICOM Viewer leverages the Google Cloud Healthcare API, the open source OHIF Medical Viewer and DICOM protocol. Users can deploy this tool from the Google Cloud Marketplace and will need to provision the Google Kubernetes Engine to use the free tool.      

About SpringML

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