SpringML Achieves Machine Learning Partner Specialization in Google Cloud Partner Program

Pleasanton, California. — February 7, 2018

SpringML Inc. (“SpringML”), a leader in machine learning and advanced data analytics services, is proud to announce that it has received Specialization Status in Machine Learning as part of Google Cloud’s Partner Specialization Program.

This prestigious achievement certifies SpringML as a qualified, experienced and technically proficient Google Cloud partner, capable of applying a variety of machine learning techniques to deliver high-quality solutions to our customers.

“We are encouraged by the rapid expansion of the machine learning market, and are delighted to deepen our partnership with Google, one of the world’s leaders in this area,” said Charles Landry, CEO of SpringML. “This specialization helps us continue to deliver on our vision of helping clients accelerate their path to insights using data.”

As the quantity and complexity of big data continue to grow, companies need proven, reliable methods to process and analyze this information. Sophisticated machine learning models can help businesses extract more value from their data, find hidden insights and ultimately make better decisions. SpringML’s apps and services apply machine learning to today’s most pressing business problems so that customers receive insights that they can trust to drive business growth.

SpringML proudly uses Google Cloud Platform technology as part of the solutions that we build for our clients the world over. Obtaining the rigorous Google Cloud specialization in machine learning helps further validate the mission of SpringML, as well as add credibility to our capabilities.

“SpringML is constantly looking for ways to solve our customers’ business problems using AI and machine learning,” said Girish Reddy, CTO of SpringML. “Google provides an array of cutting-edge tools, from low level TensorFlow to UI-driven AutoML, that help us deploy solutions rapidly.”

About SpringML Inc.

SpringML specializes in AI, machine learning, and big data analytics and is a Google Cloud Platform and Salesforce partner. Headquartered in California, with offices across North America, we have implemented predictive and analytic solutions at multiple Fortune 500 organizations.

For more information on SpringML, visit https://www.springml.com/.