SpringML announce their advanced forecasting solutions at the Snowflake Summit 2022

Pleasanton, California, June 14, 2022 – SpringML, Inc. (“SpringML”), is proud to announce their participation at Snowflake Summit 2022 ‘The World of Data Collaboration’, which is being held live in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 13-16, 2022 by Snowflake, the Data Cloud company.

“As SpringML participates at the Snowflake Summit, we look forward to engaging, collaborating and learning. SpringML delivers data-driven digital transformation projects and enterprises trust us as their agents of change for AI adoption. It is fundamental to manage process data at scale to make informed decisions. We are excited to work with Snowflake to help enterprises in their digital transformation journey.” said Girish Reddy, Chief Technology Officer at SpringML.

“The SpringML and Snowflake teams know their stuff,” said Project Team at UnitedHealthcare Group “We worry sometimes about the investment of our time to onboard new vendors to get them familiar with our highly customized org…but they got us and our objectives extremely fast and were providing value almost instantly!”

SpringML experts will be present at the event and online to help customers decide which Snowflake offerings work best for businesses and how to get more value from data. SpringML has teamed with organizations at every stage of the process to drive customer success. Live demos of some the recent use cases that will be available at the booth include:

  1. Retail Price Optimization
  2. Data Applications with Streamlit
  3. Teradata to Snowflake Migration

“SpringML’s participation at Snowflake Summit exemplifies its commitment to Snowflake as a trusted partner. Its broad experience helping organizations navigate a data-driven transformation journey and their expertise in analytics and machine-learning are what make SpringML a natural fit for our joint customers. We are excited about continuing the momentum we’ve built while developing these trusted relationships”, said Katie Ecklund, Senior Director of Partner Sales – America, at Snowflake.

About SpringML, Inc.

SpringML delivers data-driven digital transformation outcomes with an experimentation and design thinking mindset. We provide consulting, implementation services, and industry-specific analytics solutions that deliver high-impact business value from data. SpringML is a Snowflake partner with capabilities to plan, assess, deploy, and manage data-driven engagements. Applications powered by Snowflake can accelerate time to market, deliver a better customer experience, and improve operational efficiency by leveraging the speed, scale, and performance of Snowflake’s platform.