SpringML announces collaboration with DocBox to enable data driven healthcare

SpringML announces collaboration with DocBox

Pleasanton, California, January 04, 2021—SpringML, a leader in consulting and implementation services across multiple industries and a specialized provider of data-driven digital transformation outcomes, announced the partnership with DocBox to apply machine learning on patient and clinical data.

“The DocBox’s Apiary® platform is a scalable bedside integrated clinical environment that aggregates near-patient and clinical data for real-time and retrospective analysis.” says Tracy Rausch, Chief Innovation Officer and Founder. “DocBox’s Apiary platform collects approximately 2GB of data per patient, per day. Converting medical device data into valuable insights is DocBox’s competitive differentiator. We are partnering with SpringML to take advantage of the Google Cloud Data and Machine learning capabilities to develop algorithms that have clinical and operational impact.”

“High quality and timely healthcare data saves lives. DocBox has made significant advancement in not only collecting, harmonizing, and standardizing the data, but also by providing actionable insights to enable data-driven healthcare “says Prabhu Palanisamy, President, Chief Strategy Officer of SpringML. “We are excited to partner with DocBox to drive the use of ML in critical care including tele-critical care.”

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SpringML delivers data-driven digital transformation outcomes with an experimentation and design thinking mindset. We provide consulting and implementation services and industry-specific analytics solutions that deliver high-impact business value from data. SpringML is a premier Google Cloud partner with capabilities to plan, assess, deploy, and manage data-driven engagements. We have been awarded Google Cloud specialization based on our expertise and customer portfolio for Application Development, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Marketing Analytics, Data Management and Security.