SpringML Building Cloud Platforms with Looker

Looker press release

Announcing our collaboration with Looker: building cloud platforms for powerful data experiences and actionable business insights at the point of decision.

With Looker, SpringML can unlock the value of a modern data platform that not only democratizes data access across the enterprise but brings Machine Learning results into the hands of the end-users.

Pleasanton, CA.— SpringML announced today as an active member of the Looker Partner Network, we are teaming more closely together to support organizations become data-driven enterprises by fully harnessing the value of insights from data in the Cloud. At the heart of our collaborative relationship is customer validation as seen in a recently completed project with Iron Mountain. The combined initiative speaks to the strength of how both companies enable modern data platforms.

“Migration to Google Cloud Big Query and using Looker has helped us establish governance and data stewardship, build the enterprise data platform foundation, and provided our leadership the art of the possible analytics. SpringML helped build this data-driven solution at a rapid pace ” Hayelom Tadesse | Director, Enterprise Data Product Management at Iron Mountain

Prabhu Palanisamy, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer for SpringML said of the partnership: “We specialize in data-intensive industries such as Healthcare and Public Sector and in rapidly migrating, modernizing, and creating new cloud-native data platforms.  SpringML works with Looker as the data insights platform of choice to build AI-powered analytics that can scale to address Enterprise BI requirements.  Our goal is to build the environment and foundational architecture that helps enterprises get started on data modernization but also grow with a longer-term innovation strategy. With Looker we can do this.”

“Organizations across all departments are becoming increasingly more reliant on fresh real-time data to drive their business and everyday decisions,” said Geneva Lake, Looker head of consulting alliances at Google Cloud. “We’re thrilled to work with SpringML as it furthers our mission to help companies accelerate insights to action by infusing data experiences into workflows.”

About SpringML

SpringML delivers data-driven digital transformation outcomes with an experimentation and design thinking mindset. We provide consulting and implementation services and industry-specific analytics solutions that deliver high-impact business value from data. SpringML is a premier Google Cloud partner with capabilities to plan, assess, deploy, and manage data-driven engagements. We have been awarded Google Cloud specialization based on our expertise and customer portfolio for Application Development, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Marketing Analytics, Data Management and Security.

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