SpringML’s Press Release: Radical Imaging

SpringML & Radical Imaging: Enabling AI Powered Medical Imaging to support Telecritical services

Announcing our partnership with Radical Imaging, leading experts in OHIF and Cornerstone open-source web-based visualization frameworks for medical images.

With Radical Imaging and the Google Cloud Healthcare API, we are enabling Tele-Critical care services to support physicians access to patient imaging studies on any device and anywhere.

Pleasanton, CA.— SpringML announced today we are partnering with Radical Imaging to  bring AI and Machine learning to medical imaging and radiology informatics.

“We are proud to collaborate with SpringML as a development and implementation partner,” said Rob Lewis, founder, Radical Imaging.

By combining SpringML’s deep competence in AI with Radical Imaging’s expertise in building custom medical imaging applications using the Open Source OHIF and Cornerstone frameworks, we can offer cost-effective, time-saving, custom turn-key solutions that solve  a wide range of medical imaging informatics, interoperability, and integration challenges for our healthcare clients.

Aggregating healthcare data in the cloud is a key step toward the development of robust AI that can provide accurate results across a wide range of human subjects, but doing this securely is a major concern for our Healthcare and Life Sciences customers.

The Google Cloud Healthcare API’s security and de-identification features handle those aspects, enabling us to solve this core problem at scale,” said Prabhu Palanisamy, President and Chief Strategy Officer, SpringML.

Our solutions help Healthcare and Life Sciences customers rapidly migrate their medical imaging data to Google Cloud and build AI powered services quickly.

OHIF (Open Health Imaging Foundation), the OHIF Viewer, and its underlying software libraries including Cornerstone, is an open source web-based medical imaging framework.  OHIF is being developed and supported through a grant to Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH, Boston, MA) from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Informatics Technology for Cancer Research (ITCR) Program. Radical Imaging serves as an MGH software development subcontractor for OHIF under this grant and has provided software development expertise for many OHIF and Cornerstone imaging projects for both academic and industry partners.

For more information on SpringML and Radical Imaging’s collaboration, check out this joint recorded webinar with SpringML’s VP of Data Science, Manuel Amunategui and Radical Imaging Founder, Rob Lewis.

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