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Data Warehouse

Build a cloud data warehouse and data lake architecture for AI and Machine Learning

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Machine Learning

Build and operationalize ML models directly in your cloud data platform

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Data Pipelines

We helped write the book on building scalable data pipelines

Democratize Data

Democratize Data

Bringing data to business users with a focus on predictive analytics and next best action


A Modern Data Platform


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Legacy (Teradata/ Hadoop/ Netezza) to Snowflake

We understand data warehouse migration can seem daunting. We break the migration process into manageable phases and provide a single team that is responsible for securely migrating to Snowflake, minimizing risks and costs. We provide end-to-end migration support including migration of ETL jobs, reports, and dashboards as well as providing secure access to stakeholders such as data scientists and analysts.

Connected Apps

Connected Apps

Are your applications connected to multiple databases making it difficult for your users to get real-time insights? We can help modernize your applications by making them Connected Apps, powered by Snowflake. Your apps will connect to Snowflake as a single source of information providing your users with data and insights they can trust.

Data Ops

Data Ops

Let us unlock business value by operationalizing data management with automation. Using tools like dbt, Terraform we can implement DataOps for your organization to bring more agility and consistency to your data cloud.


united healtcare dental-customer story
PagerDuty-customer story
Amplitude Logo - Snowflake Customer Story

Designed future state architecture on the Snowflake data platform to support the infrastructure pieces needed for processing the leased and delegated files for dental care plans.

Developed Snowflake data pipelines and built datasets while utilizing CRM Analytics for recurring revenue analytics which also set the stage for predictive modeling and the next best actions.

Snapshotting of the Salesforce Lead and Contacts objects in Snowflake supports business operations by providing management new reporting capabilities in the form of interactive CRM Analytics dashboards.

Used the flexibility and power of the Salesforce intelligent CRM platform powered by Einstein and connected to Snowflake, a variety of CRM Analytics dashboards were implemented.



Change Data Capture Using Snowflake Streams

A Snowflake table stream creates a change table that shows what has changed, at a row-level, between two transactional points of time.

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Leveraging the Power of Snowflake Key Benefits and Architecture

Leveraging the Power of Snowflake – Key Benefits and Architecture

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Getting Started with Data Build Tool (dbt) on Google Cloud

Getting Started with data build tool (dbt) on Google Cloud

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An Overview of DBT

Running dbt pipelines via Cloud Composer

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