Accelerate Document Processing using Machine Learning


Although we live in an increasingly digital world, the need to process printed documents remains a critical component of every business. But manually collecting data from forms to enter it into a database is an expensive, tedious process prone to errors. Automating the extraction of text and populating it into the appropriate field in adatabase is the answer, but it’s a complex process. Every document, even those of the same type, has a different layout, so an automated text extraction system needs Machine Learning support to teach itself to recognize data so it can be added to the database correctly without human intervention.

BAL Global, one of the world’s largest global immigration law firms, receives thousands of documents every day. The firm looked to SpringML to help develop an automated document processing system to extract data from physical documents so users could analyze the data in near real time. Additionally, the system had to support existing workflows so document processing could be accelerated without disrupting established review and approval processes.