Looker and SpringML Deliver a System of Intelligence

Looker SpringML

Companies are adapting to the new normal with updated goals and execution plans, switching gears from a business-as-usual approach to kick-start growth. Leading enterprises are leaning into building AI-powered applications from the ground up to help guide and make informed recommendations with data. An efficient and favorable starting point is machine learning insights that can be used seamlessly, automatically, and at scale to alter customer behavior. SpringML enables enterprises to democratize data across large organizations by building a modern data platform. This is a system of intelligence whether it is referred to as a large-scale customer data platform, a specific marketing data warehouse, or traditional enterprise data warehouse.

SpringML works with Looker as the visualization tool of choice to build AI-powered analytics that can scale to address enterprise BI requirements as well. The goal is to build the environment and foundational architecture that efficiently meets short-term requirements but can also grow with a longer-term innovation strategy.