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There’s no denying that our cities are getting smarter. Enable cutting-edge AI technology, to make our city cleaner, safer, and more efficient than ever before.

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SpringML helps businesses get up running on vision and video AI solutions quickly. Our collaborative and agile approach is designed to help you unlock insights from unstructured data sets.


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Video Intelligence SpringVision

Video Intelligence

AutoML Vision SpringVision

AutoML Vision

Cloud Vision API SpringVision

Cloud Vision API

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How We Create Value

City of memphis
  • Improves citizens lives
  • 75% in potholes identified
  • Saved $20,000 a year
  • 90% accuracy in detecting potholes
  • Streamlined manhole detection & grading
  • Detected 5,000 manholes
  • Saved CMSD $40,000 every year

With Our Solution Accelerators, you can

Detect Track Objects

Detect/Track Objects

Establishing the movement of objects and triggering the response quickly

Monitor road conditions

Monitor Road Conditions

Identify, fix potholes and detect patterns of urban blight

Detect Scene Changes

Identify Scene Changes

Ability to detect the changes in the environment with accuracy

Recoginize Road Signs

Recognize Road Signs

Designed to reading and classifying the road signs efficiently

Specific Region of Interest

Specify Region of Interest

Establishing the specific region for easy identification

24/7 Analytics

24x7 Live Analytics

Deriving insights to make informed decisions


Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Implementing smart solutions to optimize operations


Ingestion Library

Determining and classifying the information


Smart Government Series – The Power of Machine Learning for Public Works Thumb
In this first episode of our Smart Government podcast series, we talk to Andrew Larimer, Practice Manager at SpringML. Andrew explains how some of the Vision AI use cases like pothole detection, combating urban blight, etc. help governments improve the quality of life for their citizens. He also addresses the challenges that may arise with the …

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May 14, 2021


Costa Mesa Sanitary District improves manhole maintenance with machine learning

January 13, 2021


Using machine learning to improve road maintenance

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