COVID-19 Vaccination Pre-Screening, Eligibility, Registration, Appointment Scheduling and Management

SpringML, in partnership with Google Cloud, has built a secure and scalable platform to support States, Counties and Cities to open registration, perform eligibility screening, manage scheduling and deliver COVID-19 vaccinations in a timely manner. Keep reading for details on the components of our end-to-end platform – this solution is fully customizable to fit the needs of your organization.


Pre-Screening and Eligibility Verification

We deliver a custom branded website unique to your state/county/city to enable immediate pre-registration. This step is critical for helping to determine when people are eligible for the vaccine based on a variety of age, occupation, risk and other factors, and can be deployed in as little as just 2 days. Citizens can use this tool to quickly and easily understand which vaccination group they are part of, and pre-register to be notified as soon as their group is eligible to receive the vaccine.

State of North Carolina went live with our pre-registration solution.  Link:

find my vaccine group

Appointment Scheduling

Our appointment scheduling capabilities allow you to first configure different segments of the population based on filter criteria. Then, enable automated messages, emails and agents to notify citizens of their eligibility based on those criteria selected. Use a customizable scheduling interface to offer a list of available appointments based on vaccine and provider capacity. People can sign up for a time slot consistent with their eligibility and availability, and will receive automated confirmations and reminder notifications. Plus, enable auto-scheduling of the second booster shot to ensure that both doses are administered in the correct time frame.

Appointment-Scheduling-Illustration Single Img
Scheduling Notification
Select Center
Select Date
Select Date and Time
Receive Confirmation
Receive Confirmation

Intelligent Vaccine Impact Platform

Get a birds eye view of the entire vaccination process, then drill down to understand the individual data points that make up the trends. Dashboards and data maps allow you to easily visualize critical performance statistics, including:

Number of first and second doses administered and allocated
Vaccination trends by week
Inventory and dosage analysis
Vaccine results
Vaccine capacity by facility
End-to-end tracking of vaccine supply from inventory to the administered individual

Immunization Hub

Receive immunization history from various data sources as a secure HL7 document, then standardize and curate for performance analysis. Our solution can integrate with your hospital’s EHR systems, CRM system and the States’ Immunization Information System, removing the manual work needed to collect critical vaccine reporting information to send back to the state.

Immunization Hub

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