Building Applications to Unify Data, Cloud, and Smart Analytics

Gone are the days you had years, or even months, to design and build a solution using AI/machine learning, data analytics, dashboards, and data-driven insights to make informed business decisions.

At SpringML, our technical experience allows us to harness the speed and flexibility of the latest cloud technology to create an application that can adapt rapidly to changing needs. Customers and Google Cloud use our customized accelerator solutions and managed services, enabling the collection and tracking of data in real-time without the time and expense of one-on-one human interactions, to support multilayered processes that incorporate and maintain consistent data models across several departments.

Hear how SpringML supported the State of Hawaii launch their Safe Travels program in only six weeks while also making it accessible and transparent to local government, law enforcement, businesses, and citizens with public dashboards



Michael Press

Director, Google Cloud Delivery, SpringML

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