Fireside Chat: Google Cloud’s approach to be the “Cleanest Cloud”

As Google Cloud states, for those working on large-scale solutions to combat climate changes, 2021 has been a noteworthy year. Google Cloud is not shy as they take a leading role in these efforts by announcing their operational goals of 24/7 carbon-free energy (CFE) at all their data centers, cloud regions, and campuses worldwide by 2030. Additionally, as they hold to them, they have ended the year with remarkable results of five of their data centers around the globe are operating near or above 90% CFE.

Watch this exclusive fireside chat as we discuss the key features Google Cloud brings to foster the motto of “The Cleanest Cloud” and how they harness the power of data to generate valuable insights that help make informed decisions while preventing risks.

Join our moderator Lizna Faradali Bandeali, Business Analyst at SpringML, as she catches up with Masaf Dawood, Director, Google Cloud Services at SpringML, and they discuss the critical role of technology and data to build a sustainable future.

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