Deploying Chatbots to Production


The impact of chatbots across industries is rapidly expanding. Companies are utilizing these conversational AI tools to automate e-commerce, provide customer support, and even streamline internal business processes. Companies want more efficient ways to connect with their users and provide superior customer service, and users want an easier yet effective way to get products, services or information they are interested in from companies.

Chatbots serve both these needs. This is why it is so imperative that chatbots are effectively designed and rigorously tested in order to increase business efficiency and meet customer satisfaction. Designing and testing are essential to deploying chatbots successfully to ensure maximum accuracy of the bot’s response to any given user query. Without extensive conversation flow and related intent design, as well as thorough testing for all use cases handled by the chatbot, companies risk less customer engagement via the bot (leading to lower ROI on the bot’s production) and potentially even loss of customers due to poor service.

This Whitepaper covers the entire end-to-end design and automated testing pipeline to ensure the chatbot is working exactly as intended with high customer satisfaction.